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Michael Dicus, Owner

I once was thrown onto the stage of Radio City Music Hall and performed for thousands of people with no rehearsal…
I once made it to the celebrity judging round for America’s Got Talent and failed the competition…
I once cheered for an opposing team at Whembley Arena during a show and got booed horrifically, all in good fun…
Yes, these entertaining and extreme experiences happened and shaped me. Even my stage name, Mykel.
I have been knocked down and I get back up. Sound familiar?
Eec! Productions supports those projects and clients who also face thousands of obstacles.
Because I have a combined knowledge of Entertainment and Business I see where a creative solution OR a business solution can support my projects and clients.
Let’s conquer thousands of people and challenges together!

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I use a bit of business, a bit of intuition and a lot of creativity that works.  Eec!