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Pieces of Us
Pieces of Us the Film

Pieces of Us is an intimate look at the personal journeys of LGBTQ+ hate crime survivors who, by choosing to take their recovery public, inspire the survivor in all of us.

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Flow and Flair
Flow and Flair

Flow and Flair is committed to turning " I Can't to I Can"! Artisic, Personal Connection For Participants In A World of Personal Challenge.

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Lil Ole Bags
Lil' Ole Bags, NYC

"Upcycled, Pick the Perfect One."
Inspired by the need to repurpose unloved paintings and those denim pants you don't want to throw away!

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Broadway to Bombay
Broadway to Bombay

Our mission is to provide a support system uniting communities by unleashing love and courage sharing “flag dancing,” an art form that originated in New York City.

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